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Food Styling

Commercials, TV, Print, Live TV, Movies, Drop Offs and any  weird requests. 

Rates start at $550 


Culinary Professional

As a young southern girl who fell in love with the movies, my mother would always say, “Elizabeth stop playing with your food.”  I never new that one day I’d be getting paid to do it.
 An award winning, qualified chef turned food stylist, food specialist, specializing in cooking any dietarian need you can think of and creating crazy food illusions.  Possess strong culinary skills, set etiquette and think on my feet attitude. With more than 10 years experience in food prep, live in private chef, banquets, movie sets, private functions and anything catering.
 Key Contribution
 *Freelance chef for more than 10 years with the motion picture industry creating healthy, high energy meals, customizing for talent,(allergies, restrictions) while doing food styling for the scene.
*Traveled on the road w/Extreme Home Makeover, fed 1500 people a day, handled storage donations, food sanitation guidelines, management and training of volunteers.
*Worked as a 1st, 2nd and 3rd in production catering and specializing as an omelet chef, grill chef and gluten sensitivities.
*Researched, planned and created nutritional meals for large family as private chef.
*Designed and prepared creative menus for period pieces, tv shows and anything weird and crazy. There is nothing to big or to small to create  I specialize in 1950-1960’s food styling and sci fi. Because it’s the coolest looks you can get from food.
*R&D and prepared 1700's and 1800's period food for tv, music videos and film
*Knowledge of how to operate, load in/out catering trucks small and large.  Knowledge of pretty much any other way to do catering on site and off site, no power, in the middle of the desert, in the dark , etc.
*Owned, operated and ran a small craft service company specializing in mixing crafty and catering. Worked movies, commercials and music videos.
Professional Synopsis
Having great time management , a positive attitude and a, “Make it happen” way of thinking is what I’m about.
A Little Something Extra, Food styling, (Independent contractor, Owner), 3/11-present, New Orleans, LA                                           
Owner, operator of small and large food styling needs. I do pilots, commercials, print, premieres, etc. Nothing is too weird or out of the box. Extreme knowledge of time management, over seeing employees and budgets.
 LA Spice, (Omelet Chef, Onsite Chef)                          ( 2/14- 2014 )     Los Angles, CA
Onsite chef duties include doing small to large, private, day, weddingsetc, parties , etc. Packing, prep, unloading, grill chef, extreme time management, professional social behavior , etc. Knowledge of knife skills and at least 6 years of culinary training a must. Food made from scratch and plates designed in true respect for food.
 Marmalade Café  - (Onsite Catering Chef, Bartender)            (3/08-2014 )   Santa Monica, CA
Onsite Chef managing preparation, execution and overall flow of food at private functions.  Responsible for all catering needed for event, overseeing set up, cooking and breakdown of events. Time management, plate design most important.
 LA Food-stylists, (Chris Oliver)                                                  10/12-2014  Los Angeles,CA                                                         
Assistant and lead doing food-styling for tv, movies, commercials and print. Creating any look or period piece sometimes last minute. Being able to handle any changes or a different even last minute. A lot of experience on set and what that entails. The owner trusts meto make it happen and that Irepresent her company well.
 ShowGrits- Food-stylist                                                             3/11 – 10/12 Los Angeles, CA                                                                                        
Worked as a 1st , 2nd and 3rdpositions for movies , commercials, tv and print.  Created edible, inedible and anything in between for camera. Full knowledge of set , reading sides and time management very important. Must think on your feetand be very creative and be good under stress.
 Freelance Photographer (Food and Animals)               3/11-present     Los Angeles, CA                                                    
My favorite things to photograph are: Animals, Food, Nature. Hand held and tripod shots. An eclectic approach to photographing food and animals. When photographing food I love to do food truck promotions, themed food parties, and menus.
I photograph all animals for any occasions such as private family photo book, magnets, on metal and anything else you can think of. For animal photography go to, (Facebook)-"Elizabethmgrove animal photography and more”.
 A Little Something Extra – Craft Service (Owner)            5/06-5/12       Los Angeles, CA                                  
Owner / Operator, preparing 'from scratch' foods concentrating on customer varied tastes & specialties identified through personal interaction. Drop offs, Independent films, Clients and functions in the Los Angeles area include: Wild’s’ Out, Short Curcuitz, Big’n’Rob, & Pepsi, Wells Fargo, Vanity Fair)
 Freelance, (Food Stylist)-East Los Angeles College 4/15/10(3 Years) Los Angeles, CA      
Teach 10-15 photography students about capturing photos of food. How to use real and fake food and shortcuts to create a dish to photograph. Teaching students to think outside the box about creating a dish for a photograph. Having demonstrations and working with each student to finish their dish to photograph for their final.   
(Food Network)  
Next Iron Chef                                                                        6/24-7/24/10 Los Angeles, CA
Worked as a Food Stylist designing the look of the set , dry storage, vegetables and fruits. Fullbreakdown and set up ofset behind the scenes and on camera. Ability to think fast and stay cool under pressure with importance to time management and all equipment set up and breakdown. Food handling license and knowledge of food and equipment storage a must.
 Guys Big Bites                                                                              3/10-4/10  Culver City, CA                                                                                                               
Worked as a Food Stylist. Set up, stocking and break down of set. Would work with Head Food Stylist preparing, holding food and having back up dishes, appliances ready at all time. If something went wrong with the shot having back ups of everything and memory of where its placed is key. Perfection a must.
A List Part Staffing                                                              02/11/09-present Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Worked with the owner as Team Captain running and working private events. I would set up & breakdown, food stations at private homes ranging from 75-150 people. Bartending, serving and Tray Passing were also part of the job. Good relations with guests, knowledge of thinking on your feet and a positive attitude were key. Handled payment of parties and time cards of employees.
Angel City Catering / Freelance Production Caterer             4//07-1/11      Los Angeles, CA
Catering for small to large budget movies (involving 15hr days) requiring professionalism and confidentiality, safety, sanitation and organization. Also worked as a first, second, and third for shows. Knowledge of catering equipment and driving catering trucks.  Being able to work and communicate in a professional manor w/( cast & crew) is key. Production works include The Biggest Loser Beauty and the Geek, Zoey 101, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Ringer, The Longest Yard, Extreme Home Makeover, Home Traveling.
Adonis Catering                                         9/06-9/11 (No longer in Business) Los Angeles, CA                                                                     
Freelance on site Sous Chef.  Menu items designed for private events on Rodeo Dr. shops. Work in tight spaces with high detail in plate presentation.  Concentration on speed and time management essential.
 Dany Harold Catering                                            5/08-6/10)              Los Angeles, CA
Freelance Chef- Management of preparation, packing, and onsite Chef for private functions ranging from 30 to 1000 people. Critical attention to knife skills, time execution, team player and plate presentation are essential.  Responsibilities for preparation & execution of a range of food stations.
Private Chef                                                                           2/08-1/09              Beverly Hills, CA
Develop and prepare meals for large family following strict nutritional guidelines with emphasis on utilizing current stores to stay on a budget.  Challenge of preparing one item three different ways to satisfy the age range of the family members (including children).  Maintain and stock pantry.  Varieties of foods prepared from scratch include Persian, Indian, Cajun/Creole, Mediterranean, low sodium, Kosher and vegetarian foods.
Café Pinot                                                                    (2005-2006)                Los Angeles, CA
Pantry and Pastry Chef. Team leader and trainer. Set up, service & break down of stations.  Station competitions on a weekly basis. Worked my way to lead and trainer.
Perspectives Food Consulting Group, Inc.                     (2007-2008)         Los Angeles, CA                                                
Sous Chef. (Research and Development, Choclatier)
Put together specials and new menu items for chain restaurants. Has knowledge of standardize recipes, recipes by weight, keeping a log, chocolate tempering, maintaining sanitation and organization of kitchen.  8 months R&D for start of Owners Chocolate Company. Worked with European and American recipes to come up with standardized recipe.
Waited tables, Bar backed, Buser,  Bartender(1998-2007)     Los Angeles/New Orleans
Worked at high volume restaurants ranging from fine dining , country clubs to night clubs. Help set up a run small small restaurant, front of house. Worked with manager to set up programs and policies for front of house (foh),  Knowledge of great bar drinks and bar tricks. Great strengths aremulti tasking, packing, loading and organization. 
*Safety Sanitation and Nutrition Certification                                             2009-present
*Food Handlers License                                                                                 20010-present
 *Associate of Science Degree                                                                          December 2004
The Art Institute of California, Los Angeles, CA
 *Media and Professional Communications                                                        January 1996
RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
*First Aid, CPR Certification, Offshore Sea Survival Certification             February 1997


  • Volunteer with Los Angeles, CA homeless and battered women shelters, non-profit   organizations and donate to local animal shelters
  • Recognized for donating and preparing meals for large groups of homeless individuals.
  •  Traveling around the world experiencing the varied spices, fusion, culture preferences , etc.  Visited with chef (behind the scenes) to share secrets & methods.  Gaining experience of spices & mythologies.
  •  Hobbies include surfing, kickboxing, hiking, Cajun/Creole parties, anything football, Food photography, any to do with animals;
  •   Born and raised in New Iberia, LA. And spent 6 years in 4 countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, U.A.E). Developed varieties of fusion dishes with authentic value
  •   I have such support and respect for The Arts. I donate a lot of my time and knowledge to non-profits and Independent documentary films.