Experience the different styles, time periods and very unique ways of Food Styling...

Born in raised in New Iberia, La and spending 6 years in 4 countries I moved to Los Angeles just after 911. Working front of house for 14 years I decided to go to culinary school and graduated in 2004. After working fine dining  I then moved to production catering, craft service, and found my calling as a food stylist and photographer. I bring a fresh, flexible, open mind, able to be prepared and to think fast  under pressure. On set, it is important to be humble, be happy, love what you do, and having a strong team to do it with you! 



  • Lead food stylist, "Roots" 2016,(1700's-1800's)

  • Lead food stylist, Beyonces FORMATION TOUR, VIDEO 2016,(1850)

  • Lead Food Stylist, Dickies B.B.Q commercial, March 2013

  • lEAD food stylist, When the bough breaks, 2015

  • Art Director for HSN, (Home Shopping Network), Wolf Gang Puck Cookware, 7/2013

  • Lead Food Stylist ,  Indi film, “Aunt Lena”

  • Food Network, (Guys big bites, Master Chef, NEXT iRON cHEF)

  • Parenthood                       *  Mindy Project

  • Masters of Sex                  *  Greys Anatomy

  • Revenge                            *  The Goldbergs

  • Saving Mr. Banks             *  7lbs in 7 Days

  • Bones                                *  Nutri bullet

  • How I met your mother    *  middle school

  • Gone Girl                            *  Hitchcock

  • Rake                                   *  Argo

  • Fosters                                *  Oscar Meyer

  • Good Christian Belles       *  Food Lion

  • Shameless                         *  Newsroom

  • Sam’s club                         * The Talk

  • Access Hollywood            *  You are the worst

  • Pretty little liars                 *  Vegas

  • Glee                                      *LIVE TV- The Talk, Queen Latifa

  • When We First Met                         *Game Night

  • Tag                                                  *Felt

  • First Man                                                    *Instant Family AND MORE......