Elizabeth Grove 

As a Louisiana native, I put a little spice and lagniappe into everything I do.

As a youth, I lived in Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and Abu Dhabi. I do most of my work in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

In my spare time I work as an animal and food photographer and support many of the city's animal rescue organizations and food shelters. You can see my animal photography on my Facebook page: 

Elizabeth M. Grove animal photography and more



I've worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years as a Private chef, Production cater (1st, 2nd, 3rd), Craft service, Food Stylist and every position in the restaurant industry,(front and back of house)

Food styling is my passion and whether I'm putting out deep background food, Fried chicken, or Noma styled food, I love it all. I'm a very professional, quick on my feet, I understand how set works and have a great attitude. 

I balance being creative and coming up with new ideas with working with budgets and dietary restrictions (Gluten free, vegan, etc.)